Don’t waste your time explaining your side of the story because those who trust you don’t need it, and those who distrust you won’t believe it

Trust doesn’t always equate someone to truth, but truth always equates someone to trust

A long time ago, I rented a home with a friend. And since he was the master tenant, I was asked to give him my share of the monthly rent so that he could pass it to the landlord. A year later, my friend left, and I became the master tenant. I began to pay the monthly rent directly to the landlord. Six months later, the landlord came to see me and told me something very unexpected.

She said that for the past year, my so-called friend has been telling her that I always pay my share of the rent late, and most times, I didn’t pay. The landlord formed a bad opinion of me and asked my “friend” to get rid of me. But somehow, he bought more time for me to stay on with some made-up stories, probably because it was a way for him to keep stealing my share of the rent money for his personal use while making the landlord think he was only paying his half of the monthly rent.

My landlord apologized to me because she now realizes who the real culprit was after promptly receiving my monthly rent for the past six months after my “friend” left. I thanked her back for her patience and for giving me the time to prove myself.

Trust doesn’t always equate someone to truth

Many times in our lives, we may not get the benefit of the doubt or a chance to explain ourselves. And even if we could, it may be too late, and people are more likely to only believe the side of the story from those they trust without realizing that trust alone doesn’t always equate someone to truth.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much we can do about that except move on. It is common for people to take advantage of the trust given to them by others. Only time can reveal the truth. And even if it doesn’t, we must learn to let it go…

This betrayal of trust experience of mine is not my first and probably won’t be the last. You may experience the same at some point in your life. And when that happens, remember this:

“You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. You don’t need to spend your energy trying to earn other’s acceptance or waste your time trying to explain yourself. You don’t need to justify your ideas to others who won’t understand. Just be you. Spend your time doing your thing. Spend your energy learning and growing. Pour yourself into your ideas and dreams, and let go of what others are saying. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter what they think — it only matters what you think.”

Nikki Banas, writer
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