Alien vs. Predator action figures come to life for my fun cinematic photography project

I shot the action figures on my DIY mini green screen studio at home with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera + Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO Lens before all the other digital artwork was added to it using Adobe Photoshop & After Effects CC…

So I came up with this shot inspired by the AVP ― Alien vs. Predator film. I used a four-inch McFarlane Action Figure for this project.

I did my best to reenact a scene from the film when Chopper Predator convulsed as his green luminescent blood is shed from being violently stabbed from the back going clean straight through his armored chest by the wicked sharp point and barbed tail of an alpha Xenomorph Alien as it lifts the impaled Predator up face to face before brutally headbiting right through the Predator’s bio-mask, skull and brain.

Originally shot on my DIY mini green screen studio at home before all the other digital artwork was added to it…

Grid: Alpha Alien Xenomorph

Based on the film, the alpha alien xenomorph, later called Grid was born in a Yautja (Predator) pyramid beneath Bouvet Island. Its name, Grid, comes from the gridlike battle wounds on its head and shoulders caused by the constricted Celtic Predator’s metal net.

Grid killed both the Yautja Chopper Predator and Celtic Predator, who had come to the Pyramid to hunt Xenomorphs as part of an initiation hunt. Grid was also the one who freed the Queen Xenomorph held captive by the Predators deep within the pyramid.

I used NECA’s Grid Alien Xenomorph for this one…

Alien Xenomorph Designs

Their designs are simply magnificent. If this was them in a death metal concert, with them holding cool Xenomorph electric guitars while their vocalist throats their natural guttural death growls and shrieks, that’ll be awesomely cool!

The awesome Xenomorph designs were created by H.R. Giger. Alien film director, Ridley Scott said, “They were quite specific to what I envisioned for the film, particularly in the unique manner in which they conveyed both horror and beauty.” I’m with Ridley on that, absolutely!

And Matt Domino, Editorial Director from Artsy expressed it perfectly when he wrote, “If you don’t know the Xenomorph by name, you know it by sight: the black, eggplant-shaped head; the dripping stalactite teeth; the sleek, spiky body and the weaponized tail that can appear strangely human”.

Alien Xenomorph Nightmare!

Inspired by the original artwork of Robert Gardner @ Art of GARD below, I recreated this nightmarish scene using all of my Alien Xenomorph collection and Private Hudson action figure for this horrifying experience of being surrounded in close proximity by those wicked parasitical nasties.

Imagine being surrounded by these in real life, and you run out of ammo… what else can you do but agree with Private Hudson when he said… “Game over, man! Game over!”

Here’s the process of how I re-created the artwork. As with the earlier photos above, I shot the action figures for this one as well on a green screen with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera + Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO Lens and edited it using Adobe Photoshop & After Effects CC…

Yautja: Crimson Predator

Later on, I found some images of the Crimson Predator on Facebook. It was actually a NECA customized Celtic Predator action figure by this guy from Thailand, Watchrin Bird Hanshin. I then re-edited it a little more, added additional visual effects, and color-graded it. Sure looks like a vicious Japanese Samurai warrior style Yautja to be reckoned with now…

Yautja: Chopper Predator

I wanted more of this, so I began scouting for suitable locations to shoot my Chopper Predator action figure and make it look like he was on his home planet. My reconnaissance mission led me to the discovery of this cool location in Puncak Alam, Kuala Lumpur (KL) which looked almost like it was on another planet. It was time to take my Yautja out for a road trip together and do a shoot there right away…

Grid Alien vs. Jungle Predator

I take some of my action figures with me every time I go travelling. This time around, I took this shot when I was in the hills of Genting Highlands in Pahang. I imagined a battle ensued between the alpha Alien Xenomorph, Grid vs. the Jungle Hunter Predator, where it didn’t end well for the Yautja this time around, for a change. It was literally a cataglottism kiss of death!

Until next time, rest in peace…

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