Buddha: Turning arrows into flowers (turning emotional pain into mindful compassion)

“The moment you begin to worry, the moment you acknowledge the worry, you solidify it into existence, which is why we chose to ignore and ignore we did. All you have is perception. There is no objective truth. You create the truth you want to inhabit.”


“The ceramic cup was never meant for me. It was meant for the position I held. I deserve a styrofoam cup” — Lesson in humility from the US Undersecretary of Defense

Remember this as you gain fame, fortune, position, and seniority. People will hold doors open for you and get you a ceramic cup of coffee. They will call you sir and ma’am and give you stuff. But without the position you hold or when you no longer possess that position you held, you will lose all that stuff and will always deserve a styrofoam cup.


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